About Us

An Ecofriendly Nature Resort at Girivan

Welcome to VanVihar - an ecofriendly jungle resort at Girivan!

Vanvihar is a brain child of the two die-hard nature lovers Parag and Manisha who gave up their flourishing journalistic careers of 20 years in Mumbai in pursuit of their passion to spend life in the bossom of nature. They want to cherish friendliness, warmth and simplicity which they experienced at various holiday destinations, big or small, during their journalistic career.

They tried to bring in those life long, ever lasting moments of human joy rather than giving precedence to AC culture or star comforts, in the form of Vanvihar resort.

A trend is witnessed in last few years where the people in corporate sector, small scale industries, office goers, various institutes, family gatherings including weddings or engagements, birthday parties and bhishi groups of senior citizens etc prefer to be in the vicinity of nature rather than strict, monotonus and time-bound AC environment in the city. Our conference hall has a huge demand for conducting seminars, training programs, team building workshops, meetings, parties, get togethers, engagements and weddings etc. They can enjoy the music system, projector and karaoke along with it. Rest of time can be used for playing table tennis, chess, cards or carom.

Also the two open lawns give relaxed ambience to the guests. The lawn adjacent to the family rooms give safe and cool feeling where the groups play musical chair, badminton, even cricket, dance in the open along with music. It has a small platform from where musical nights were conducted on the lawns in the starry nights. The lawn on the top as well as the terrace, which give some privacy, are being used for enjoying parties and various events by different groups and event management companies just to spend the beautiful evenings in the natural surroundings of lush green valley and mountains.

During monsoon, VanVihar and its surroundings are enveloped in clouds. A huge waterfall cascading from the mountaintop, and water rushing down the stream in the valley adjacent to the resort. It is lush green everywhere, with rains drenching the earth. It is a different experience to those who want to get wet in the open pool in the resort. And YES, no restrictions of dress code or timing for the pool particularly for the ladies. The pool has a complete filtration system.

VanVihar isn't a promise of a change of stay; VanVihar is an experience we seek to share. Just imagine yourself on the terrace, overlooking the Kolwan valley on one side and gazing at the mountains on the other side, in the midst of a thick nature, on starry night, under the open and clear sky.

Such a serene atmosphere, a mug of steaming coffee and your near and dear ones beside you. Think about it.

It is a NO NO for those seeking AC culture or star comforts.
It is for nature lovers who want to be in the company of trees and in rustic environment.

Give yourself permission to relax.