What to See

An Ecofriendly Nature Resort at Girivan

What to See

There are several outdoor attractions for the visitors of VanVihar, which can be covered during a single day so that you can return to your resort in time for food and relaxation. Get up early in the morning, have your bed tea and snacks and visit any of the following.

On the Buddhist Trail

For those interested in Buddhist temples and cave architecture, there are three groups of ancient caves situated in the vicinity of VanVihar. About 27 kms from VanVihar, in Bedse village (on Kolwan-Kamshet route), is a small cluster of Bedsa caves in the hills. These caves are known for exceptionally done pillars at the entrance and a circular vihara as a residence for Buddhist monks.

The Karla caves on the old Mumbai-Pune national highway near Malwali are famous the world over. The Chaitya here is the largest and the best preserved; here the cave arthictects reached the zenith of their art. You will be surprised to see the wooden beams and a wooden umbrella inside the Chaitya which are over 2000 years old and still intact. The sculptures on the pillars and the overall setting of the Chaitya as well as the images of donors at the entrance are simply breathtaking.

The Bhaje caves are known in the history as the birthplace of Indian stone architecture. They are situated at the base of Lohgad fort, near the Bhaje village. Some of the famous caves here are the Chaitya of Bhaje, a number of double-storey Viharas, a group of Stupas and the Surya Gumpha. This small Buddhist trail can be completed in a day.

It is a NO NO for those seeking AC culture or star comforts.
It is for nature lovers who want to be in the company of trees and in rustic environment.

Give yourself permission to relax.